Examples of unequal treatment

  • An employer excludes a suitable and well-qualified female candidate from a recruitment process because she has young children
  • Recruitment conditions specify a native-Estonian speaker
  • Flexible working hours or training is only offered to young employees
  • An employee is dismissed when the employer finds out that the employee is gay or lesbian
  • A school refuses to employ a teacher who is a Jehova’s Witness
  • A Roma child is sent to a special school for children with intellectual disabilities because he/she does not speak Estonian
  • A black student is refused entry to a night club because the bouncer has racist views
  • An employee with a hearing impairment cannot participate in training because there is no sign language translation
  • The salary for an employee who has been on maternity leave remains at a lower level, compared to other colleagues doing similar work, because the employer is not prepared to raise her salary, claiming that she must first prove herself again at being good at her job.