Gender Studies Conference 2015

2015 will mark the tenth anniversary of the work of the Gender Equality and Equal Treatment Commissioner. To celebrate this milestone, a two-day conference on gender studies will be held in Tallinn on 1-2 June 2015 with presentations by a number of prominent gender studies experts from Estonia and abroad.

The Officer of the Gender Equality and Equal Treatment Commissioner is issuing a call for studies to be conducted and papers to be presented at the conference on the gender relations in Estonia that hinder men and women from achieving an equal position in society. The gender pay-gap and the reasons behind it, inequality in political representation, difficulties in reconciling work and family life, heteronormative attitudes and other issues related to inequality between men and women need to be analysed and explained.

The goal of the conference is to critically study and debate the functioning of contemporary gender relations through a gender studies and feminist theory approach and to identify ways to reduce inequality in Estonian society. Discussions at the conference will be based on how gender and the gender subject are constructed, and will look at the framework of private, institutional or group specific interests within which this occurs.

The conference is funded through the Norway Grants 2009-2014.

Norway Grants